How to buy the safest workwear for your workers in Melbourne

How to buy the safest workwear for your workers in Melbourne

When working in a dangerous environment, safety should top the list of priorities. Supervisors must consider all of their options when selecting a safe workwear uniform for their employees to ensure a safe working environment and safeguard them against threats. It can be difficult to know what qualities to look for in workwear for different industries. 

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There are some common characteristics and conditions across all industries that make it easier for you to find the right equipment to suit your needs. As an employer, you are with the safety and security of your employees. You are familiar with the safety risks within your sector as well as the precautions that need to be in order to avoid them. 

Safety regards items of personal protective equipment (PPE) that are to keep the wearer safe from needless risk and danger. Individuals exposed to toxic chemicals, ballistic risks, extreme temperature conditions, electric charge, and so on should be with the right workwear to minimize risks.

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 If you are about where to find the best quality safety workwear Melbourne, you are at the right place. Work Armou is the best place to buy fail-proof safety workwear in Melbourne. We have compiled a list of all the things you should consider when buying workwear. Read on: 

What to consider to buy the right workwear? 

  • Analysis of the threat level at the workplace is a must before buying PPE. The level of threat may vary from one job to the other. You must ask yourself as an employer: how dangerous is the production process this person will be in? If your workers are in an environment where heavy annealed glass is moved around frequently, you should consider investing in high-level PPE. 

Such places should have PPE that provides higher levels of cut protection to prevent a tragedy. However, if your workers’ jobs do not include dangerous elements, you can consider investing in moderate-level PPE. But, it is important to note that one should not invest in low-quality PPE. After analyzing the threat levels, you can make well-informed decisions. 

workwear Comfort and safety:

  • When it comes to PPE, it is important to regard both comfort and safety. When people are working, they like being comfortable. If the workwear is uncomfortable, the work productivity can drop dramatically. 

The chances for careless accidents also increase exponentially. It is advisable to avoid buying safe workwear that surpasses the level of threat. The higher-rated a PPE is, the heavier it is. This will cause fatigue in workers and will slow down their pace of working. Keep it simple and do not go overboard. 

Sizing and Fitting

  • This is the most overlooked factor when choosing PPE is making sure that the equipment is appropriately sized for each worker. The one-size-fits-all principle does not work in the case of safety workwear. In jobs where manual labour, loose clothing helps workwear in Melbourne.

 Baggy clothes have risks of getting caught in machines or heavy motors, and even fire. This can have catastrophic consequences. Take time to measure and find the sizes of your workers. It is fine if the PPE does not fit perfectly. It just should not be baggy. Make sure the collar covers the neck completely. That coverage can even save lives. 

 It can melt into the skin and cause serious damage. People working in defence should prefer higher-level material near the neck since they are the most prone to stabbing or slashing in that vulnerable area. Their PPE should have increased padding on arms and sides to protect them from physical blows that may occur while on the job. If your industry has special requirements that must be met, chances are that workwear exists to meet them. Hence, do not buy anything in hurry and think from all possible angles. 

Cost of PPE

  • How much workwear costs are influenced by several factors. The biggest influencing factor is the level of resistance, whether it be cut-resistant, electric-resistant, or flame-resistant. 

There is a steady increase in price as the level of resistance gets higher in each piece of equipment. Outfitting workers is an expensive endeavor and should not be taken lightly. The rule of the thumb is to see how long your PPE will last and how effective it will be in case of accidents. 

  • Climate: The climate that people will be working in should not be left out of consideration. If you buy workwear that is too heavy for a hot environment, your workers can get fatigued, and accidents are more likely to occur. 

Similarly, if you buy  PPE that is too light for a cold climate, workers can become uncomfortable, and it will hamper their coordination and can lead to injuries and decreased production input. If you work outdoor or go between inside and outside throughout the day, you will want workwear that can be zipped open or closed. 


We hope that after reading this conclusive article, you are able to make well-informed decisions when buying safe workwear. If you still have queries, contact Work Armour solutions. We sell the best safety workwear in Melbourne